Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hasbro Studio Series Transformers figures from 10 to 13...

Hasbro Studio Series 10 "Autobot Jazz" from Transformers..

Hasbro Studio Series 11 "Lockdown" from Age of Extinction..

Hasbro Studio Series 12 "Decepticon Brawl" from Transformers..

Hasbro Studio Series 13 "Megatron" from Revenge of the Fallen..

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Hasbro Studio Series 18 and 22 from Transformers: Bumblebee

Hasbro Studio Series 18 "Bumblebee" from Transformers: Bumblebee..

Hasbro Studio Series 22 "Dropkick" from Transformers: Bumblebee..

Friday, November 9, 2018

Special-Figures 1/6 "Heavy Armored Locomotive" SF-003

The reason I get this is to display it together with my Judge Dredd figure by Art Figures.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

EndiToys 1/6 "Li Mu Bai" in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Pt.3

Besides great head sculpt, the paint work is good with realistic skin tone and texture. But there is slight difference in skin color between the head and neck.

The robe is tailored to fit the figure and does not restrict the overall articulation.

The "queue" is made of hair which adds realism to the facial sculpt. This was the male hairstyle imposed by the Qing dynasty.

It's time for Mu Bai to wield his Green Destiny Sword..Get ready..Opponents!!

I personally love the sword as it's made of metal. The weapon has lots of fine details on the surface of the blade, hand guard and hilt.

As the overall articulation is good, you can get a lot of great poses from the figure.

Take a closer look at Mu Bai holding his sword. He looks extremely good. You may see the box art and design here and display stand here.