Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hot Toys 1/6 "Deadpool" Movie Version Pt.2

This mask has similar texture with the suit whereas the color schemes for both mask and suit are close.

There are five sets of eye plates with different expressions. You can mix and match those eye plates to create the expressions you like. Each eye plate has magnet which allows you to attach onto the mask securely.

The leather like belt and pouches look realistic. Both handguns fit perfectly in the holsters on both sides of the thighs.

The dagger with metal blade fits nicely in the sheath on Deadpool's left boot. For the boots, they are designed and made into two parts. So, no issue for ankle movement.

Deadpool carries two katana swords on his back. The scabbard of the swords is also held in place with magnet.

His outfit is well tailored with right amount of weathering, dirt and damage. As the material is stretchable, it doesn't restrict the articulation of the figure. However, you still have to be careful when bending the arms as the black portion of the outfit can be torn apart.

For your information, the blades of the katana swords are made of metal as well.

Take a closer look at Deadpool wielding his katana swords...

You can get lots of great poses from the figure as it has pretty tight body joints.

The last weapon which I forget to show you here is his shurikens. Anyway, you may see the box art and design here.

Overall, I am pleased to get this figure as it has tons of accessories and weapons to play with :P

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hot Toys 1/6 "Anakin Skywalker" in ROTS

Standard box package by Hot Toys for its Star Wars series..Nothing special at all!!

Take a closer look at the head sculpt..It really looks like Hayden Christensen in person. As usual, the paint work and texture of the head are excellent.

For Jedi robe, the hood has thin wire which allows you make any style you want for display or photo shoot.

His costume is very fit and well replicated. It also doesn't restrict the overall articulation of the figure.

There is an extra hilt with removable laser blade which you can hang it on Anakin's belt.

The hair sculpt looks very natural with right amount of color application and hairline is convincing too.

Anakin's leather-like belt is fastened with Velcro and his gauntlet can be removed for swapping the mechno-arm or the arm for holding light saber (light up).

I love the leather-like boots as they look very realistic. Most importantly, they don't affect the ankle articulation.

You can get a lot of cool poses from the figure as it has tight joints. No display stand is needed here.

Just took a few more pictures of Anakin wielding his light saber :)

Not forget to mention that the facial expression is also a big plus point to the figure. No matter from which angle you see, the figure looks awesome!!

My favorite light saber here is the curved-hilt light saber of Count Dooku. Its design is very unique as compared to Anakin's light saber.

Every finger of the mechno-arm is articulated. As the arm is made of plastic, you have to handle it with care especially when you want to connect it to the figure.

I also tested the arm which holds the light saber (light up) and it works. The light is pretty bright indeed. Lastly, I highly recommend you to get this figure if you are a huge Star Wars fan.