Monday, January 26, 2015

Takara Tomy "Initial D AE86 Trueno" 2014 Release

It was one of the items I got during my vacation in Malaysia last year. The overall paint job is bad as compared to 2013 release. The differences between 2013 version and 2014 version are car seats and colour of the hood.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Items collected last week...

Hot Toys "Captain America" in The Winter Soldier and Play Toy "Caucasian and Asian" Female Figures

WWE "Vader" Mattel Elite Series 31 and Takara Tomy MP21 "Bumble" Volkswagen Type 1

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Neca "Rocky" 8 Inch Clothed Action Figure

The figure is based on the first movie in Rocky series and its packaging is very nice.

Look at the facial sculpt, it's Sylvester Stallone for sure.

The beanie is part of the head which has some sculpted texture onto it.

His shoes are well sculpted. They look very realistic with some dirt on the surface.

You can put the hood up for the figure if you want (FYI, the hood has a bendy wire).

Neca uses the right fabric to replicate the sweatsuit which Rocky wore in the movie.

For a small action figure, the stitching on the sweatsuit is considered very good.

The overall articulation is okay and the joints are tight, at least for mine.

Although the skin colour of the fingers is different from the forearms, it doesn't affect the appearance of the figure.

Lastly, I highly recommend you to pick it up if you are a hardcore fan of Rocky series :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Viking "Tekken: Jin Kazama" King of Combat

The box packaging is big. I have thrown it away to save space in my room.

As for the head sculpt, it resembles Jin Kazama, a video game character in Tekken series.

Surprisingly, the colour of the facial skin matches the colour of the seamless body.

The right above is a signature black mark on Jin's arm.

Good sculpting on the forearm gauntlets and foot protectors.

Jin wears a green belt with yellow outlines which is made of fabric.

Jin's right pant is embroidered with flames coloured from yellow to red, covering up from bottom to his mid-thigh section.

As the figure comes with a seamless body, the articulation is limited. So, not much poses you can do for him.

No loose joints here and that's why Jin can stand on his own without support stand.

I have taken quite a number of pictures on Jin and he is currently in my toy cabinent.

Besides extra pair of gloved hands with different gestures, the figure also comes with a support stand.