Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Virtual Toys 1/6 "Justice Judge" I am the Law Pt.2

Continued from my part 1 review: This is a very nice head sculpt to resemble Sylvester Stallone in 1995 Judge Dredd (film).

The overall paint work is good and skin texture looks natural. The hair is beautifully sculpted with realistic color application.

Look at the details of the gauntlets and tactical boots..They are well replicated. The boots have some weathering too.

As the blue outfit is stretchable, it fits the figure. It doesn't restrict the body articulation.

Besides three pouches, there is a drop leg holster attached to right side of the utility belt. The transparent holster looks futuristic.

The magnet in the outfit allows Dredd's metal badge to be held firmly in place.

Judge Dredd looks cool with his helmet and Virtual Toys has captured the signature mouth expression of Sylvester Stallone.

Although the helmet has no weathering, it still looks good with glossy paints.

A chest padding was added to the body so that the shoulder armour fits nicely to the upper torso.

Now, Judge Dredd is ready to kick some ass with his Lawgiver "One Shot One Kill".

I love the simple design of the Lawgiver. It is made of hard plastic with basic paint application.

You can rotate the head but cannot adjust the neck position as it connects to the upper body.

As this is a "muscle" body, you can only bend its arms to maximum 90 degrees.

For lower body articulation, the boots restrict the ankle movement. Hence, the figure can only hold some basic poses.

As the figure has tight joints, it has no issue to stand on its own. Unfortunately, Virtual Toys only gives an extra hand to the figure. If the figure comes with a few pairs of hands, that is perfect!! You may read my review of 2012 Judge Dredd here.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Super MC Toys + Very Cool Toys

This is a sexy "Office Lady Set" from Super MC Toys (Item No: F-077). I am very impressed with its overall quality. The products they made are so realistic.

I also got the 1/6 Supermodel Head Sculpt with 3.0 Female Body Set from Very Cool Toys (Item No: FX07-B). I have to compliment Very Cool that its female head sculpts and body sets are getting better and better. In fact, I have bought a lot of Very Cool body sets for my collection.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Bandai Henshin Belt Ver. 20th DX Double Driver

I actually did not watch the TV drama. I just love the belt design of Kamen Rider Double. The belt is fun. You just insert any two "thumb drives" in front buckle of the belt and you will hear the voice of the character with different sound and light effects. For your information, the voice of the character and light effects only come out of the "thumb drives" not the buckle itself. I can't wear the belt but it fits my son perfectly..Haha!! You may see the demo of DX Double Driver here.