Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hot Toys 1/6 "Wonder Woman" Movie Version Pt.2

To me, this is not the best head sculpt produced by Hot Toys. The resemblance to Gal Gadot is only 7 out of 10. Her slightly open mouth does not show the realistic teeth. But, the paint application on her face is superb.

As the manufacturer has applied gel to the hair, it's easier for collectors to style it for personal preference.

The skin color of the facial sculpt matches very well with the rest of the body.

Diana's shield is made of plastic and it was held by three straps that went over the forearms.

I like the design of the combat boots with right amount of weathering and realistic paint job.

Diana also wears shoulder harness to hold her sword and Lasso of Truth.

The plastic sword looks realistic and it has lots of carvings on the blade and hilt.

As Diana's costume is made of hard plastic, it's almost impossible to rotate her waist.

No support base is required here as Diana has tight joints. She can stand on her own.

While seamless body gives you a better representation of body shape and muscle, it restricts the overall articulation.

Anyway, I am pleased to have this figure in my collection and you may see its box art and design here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hot Toys 1/6 "Harley Quinn" in Suicide Squad Pt.2

Looking at the head sculpt, it definitely resembles Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (film).

What caught my attention is also the open mouth of the figure. The paint work and sculpting of the teeth and tongue really make her facial expressions more realistic.

Her boots with thin heels are lack of realism. They more or less restrict movement of the ankle joints.

Due to the flexibility of the ponytails, you would not have any restriction to pose her head. The holster is connected to the left side of the harness.

The customized revolver looks great but its cylinder swing out easily.

I just feel that the material used to make the shoulder holster is a bit cheap. I may be wrong...

Her outfit is perfectly fit and movie accurate. To unveil her short inside is a tattoo "I'm watching" printed on her buttock. On the right side of the harness, it's a double speedloader holder.

The "Good Night" baseball bat was often used by Harley in her fight scenes.

As Harley here is only looking to one direction in addition to the design of her elbow joints (each allows for a 90 degree bend), these reduce the number of poses you can get from her.

Although her stockings are elastic, I still dare not bend her legs too much (I just don't want to damage her stockings).

What I dislike about this figure is the new design of its wrist pegs. I have pulled one wrist peg apart when I tried to swap her hands. I have never come across such incident for a Hot Toys figure. So, Hot Toys...please stick to the old design!!!

The right above is the tattoo "Lucky You" with a dolphin printed on her abdomen. Overall, I am very pleased to own this figure for my collection and I highly recommend you to pick it up. You may see its box art and design here.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Alien Attack STF-01 "Firage"

As this is an unofficial toy, the company named it as Firage. If you are a great fan of Transformers film series, you know it was a new character "Mirage or Dino" appeared in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. It transformed into a Ferrari 458 Italia.