Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hot Toys "T-1000" in Terminator 2 Pt.1

Front and back view of the glossy silver slip case for Hot Toys Terminator 2 series.

Lift the slip case, you will see the fully dressed figure with tons of accessories underneath the large window of the inner box.

A closer view of the two head sculpts that possess very good likeness of Robert Patrick.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot Toys "Black Widow" in Iron Man 2 Pt.2

This is the second Scarlett Johansson figure produced by Hot Toys. The earlier one was for the movie character "Silken Floss" in "The Spirit".

The figure has likeness of Johansson but not perfect. The facial sculpt is beautifully executed with detailed eyebrows, life-like eyes and glossy lips. The lips are well sculpted and they look realistic.

The bracelets are add-on accessories to the jumpsuit. As usual, the sculpting and paint job done on the weapons are great. The pistols with removable magazines fit very well to the gloved hands and the darker one fits in the holster as well.

The boots are soft that maximise her ankle movement. The leg joints are tight that allow the figure to pose without using the display stand.

Hot Toys is also the first time to release the female figures with rooted curly hair (please correct me if I were wrong). For Black Widow, she has brownish red long curly hair. The S.H.I.E.L.D. logo is also printed on each side of the arms.

I like the soft texture of the facial skin and the colour tone looks natural. The paint job done on the eyelashes and eyeliner is very good too.

The tight jumpsuit is tailored with a 1/6 zipper in front. But the jumpsuit restricts some body movement. For instance, you are only able to raise her arms or bend her elbows to a certain position.

Besides the waist belt, Black Widow has another grey belt that holds holster and pouches.

Although Hot Toys "Black Widow" does not have a perfect likeness of Johansson, she is still a gorgeous looking figure. I highly recommend to pick it up. You may click here to view its box packaging.

Friday, October 15, 2010

WWE "Kane" Mattel Elite Series 4

As usual, I took photos on the front and back of the packaging :)

It’s obvious that the figure has a pretty good facial expression of "Kane".

For Elite series, the figure has an articulated chest that allows for great poses.

The face towel is not realistic as it is made of plastic rather than fabric material.

The grey chains can be removed from the figure as it is made of elastic soft rubber.

For your information, Kane is currently the World Heavyweight Champion in SmackDown. You may view my previous posts on WWE "Kane" figures here and here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sideshow - 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper Pt.2

The design of the helmet and body armour is the same as 501st Legion Clone Trooper. Besides having grey deco on the armour, the figure has an in-built communication device with antenna at the back of the armour. Great paint job with realistic weathering on the armour. As usual, Sideshow figures have loose joints, this one is no exception. However, this is a good figure to have in my Star Wars collection. You may click here to view the box packaging.