Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bandai ThunderCats Classic "Lion-O" 8 Inch Series

This is the 8 inch "Lion-O" figure with serious facial expression.

The overall paint application is not good as compared to the 6 inch series. You can find different colour tone on some parts of the body.

The ankle joints are not painted in blue and the sword is made of soft rubber.

As the articulated joints work very well, Lion-O has no issue to hold great poses.

Just wanted to show both version of Lion-O side by side for comparison. Please click here to see the packaging and here for 6 inch Lion-O review.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hot Toys "Nick Fury" in The Avengers

The packaging is very simple with basic design and the name of the character is printed on the top of the box.

The front slipcase show the picture of the character.

There are two trays in the box. The upper tray houses the figure with extra sets of hands and the lower tray houses the weapon and accessories.

The head sculpt resembles Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in The Avengers. Another fantastic job done by Hot Toys (Next review here).

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hot Toys "Red Skull" in Captain America Pt.2

The silver buckle is detailed made with embossed symbol.

The grey jacket and grey pants are tailored to fit the figure and they work very well with overall articulation.

There is a scar on both sides of the face. The red skull symbol is printed on both sleeves of the jacket.

The soft boots are weathered and they do not restrict the ankle articulation.

Great texturing on the skin and the hair lines look realistic with right amount of paint application.

This unique pistol is the weapon comes with the figure.

Took a few shots of Weaving holding the pistol. You may click here to see the packaging (Next review here).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bandai ThunderCats Classic "Tygra" 8 Inch Series

The head is well sculpted and the paint job on the figure is good.

Tygra holds his poses very well as the body joints are fairly tight.

The whip is the main weapon for Tygra.

This is the longer whip which comes with Tygra. You may see the packaging here.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hot Toys "Amber" in Sucker Punch Pt.2

Love the healthy skin tone of Amber :)

The gold lighter does not work and the knife is made of plastic material.

The handgun fits nicely in the shoulder holster.

The tactical headset is adjustable. It looks realistic due to good weathering.

The holster harness is also equipped with a double magazine holder.

Excellent stitching on the military outfit and the fishnet stockings look so real :P

The jacket does not restrict the arm articulations and thus, no issue for Amber to hold some great poses.

As there is a magnet in the military green hat, it is able to hold in place on the head.

The lollipop is cute but it's not removable from the hand (Previous post on Amber here).