Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot Toys "Hawkeye" in The Avengers Pt.2

I believe a lot of collectors agree the head sculpt has very good likeness of Jeremy Renner.

As usual, the outfit is top notch and every parts of it is properly produced with great stitching.

The hair lines are finely sculpted and they look very realistic with right amount of colour tones.

You can insert all the shafts in the quiver and they fit tightly inside. Two methods to place the quiver at the back of the figure. One method is to use the shoulder strap that holds the quiver securely by Velcro fasteners (no picture taken). The alternate method is to attach the quiver to the small holder as shown above. But getting the holder clips onto the tactical vest really frustrates me.

The quiver is very well replicated and even the bottom part of it rotates.

The left above is the foldable bow and the right one is the standard bow with string.

The combat boots look convincing even they are not made of leather-like material.

Took pictures of Hawkeye aiming his target :P

Although the outfit restricts the body movement, I have no issue with that as Hawkeye already looks great with basic poses.

Another target to aim for...

Hawkeye really looks cool with his shades and overall, I am very pleased to have him in my collection. You may read my Part 1 review here.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hot Toys "Black Widow" in The Avengers

Finally collected my Hot Toys Black Widow figure and everything is in good condition :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Action City's Exhibition for Hot Toys Iron Man Collectible Figures

Queue up to register exclusive fan draw for Hot Toys Battle Damaged Mark VII (Movie Promo Edition)..

The right above is the one I registered for...

The exhibition is currently held at Bugis Junction #03-23..Go visit if you are free :P

Sunday, April 14, 2013

WWE "Sheamus" Mattel PPV6 Royal Rumble Pt.2

As stated in my previous post, the facial sculpt does not have a good likeness of Sheamus.

Sheamus has two nicknames and they are The Celtic Warrior and The Great White. I personally prefer the latter one.

I really like Sheamus's hair style and colour.

This is Sheamus's victory pose after beating his opponents in the ring :)

The WWE Championship belt is from Jakks Pacific...

The above is one of the wrestling attires Sheamus wears. You may click here to see its packaging.