Monday, April 28, 2008

WWE - Trish

Trish is the former WWE women champion. She is the first WWE female figure that I bought so far. Nice sport costume!!

Super Son Goku

WWE - Kane In Action

This action figure from Jakks Pacific is only around 3.5 inches tall. Kane is ready for his signature finisher "Chokeslam".

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Famous Faces

Steven: "David, do you know when we have the chance to stand on the display shelve?"
David: "Well, I think very soon. Because our master is currently more focus in collecting 12-inch movie star figures and 6-inch action figures. So, be patient buddy!!"
Steven: "All right!"

These are the two 12-inch figures that I customised this week. Bought Steven and David headsculpts at 8 dollars each at CSC flea market last Sunday. Used 21 century body for Steven and BBI body for David. Overall, not bad lah!!

Medicom - Spiderman 3 series

Finally bought a pair of Spiderman 3 series from UToys last week. Although did not open up the box to see the actual figure of the original "Red" version, I can see how much effort Medicom had put in even on the design of the box itself. Two Hokkien words to express my feelings "Swee Leh!!" As for Peter Parker headsculpt, I think no need to say more!! See yourself..Haha..My review for Spider-Man figure is here and Peter Parker figure is here.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

East meet West

Bruce: "Yun Fatt is my partner cum best buddy. We are New York police detectives. Another best friend of mine is Ah Wai. He is a member of Hong Kong SDU. He takes leave to come all the way to New York. So, we are going to show him around and of coarse buy him good food and beer. Anyway, let takes a picture now."
Yun Fatt: "Sure..Bruce."
Ah Wai: "Thanks bro..I will definitely enjoy my holiday trip with you guys around..Haha!!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dragon Ball - Old Series

After so many donkey years, I start to collect Dragon Ball figures. Hope it is not too late..Haha!! See Master Roshi, Little Goku and Krillin, are they cute??

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dragon Models - "Wasabi" Hong Kong Promotional Item

Bought this from David (Invasiontoys) yesterday. Got a reasonable price. Dragon Models released it in 2002. If you watched Leon "The Professional", you would know who is this gentleman. I think it is still worth to buy after so many years. Because the figure's face is really look like the real person. Dragon..Good Work!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DVD - Alvin and the Chipmunks

I just bought the DVD collector's edition this afternoon. Just cannot resist the temptation to get them back home. So, my wallet "suffers" a big loss again!!

SDU - Close Quarters Battle

These figures came together with a Hong Kong Comic which I bought many years ago. Do they pose like CQB?? Haha..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ignite - Black Ninja

I think the figure is not well quality control. Because the skin colour between the face and its hands is different. But, the Ninja costume and accessories are well produced. For my personal opinion, the rank of this figure is 7 over 10.

Gungrave O.D.

I am a fan of Gungrave. I always enjoy playing its game and Gungrave O.D. is the second version of Gungrave. I did play Gungrave but O.D. is much more fun and better. Of coarse I won't miss collecting its related products. As shown in the picture, the figure and its accessories are well painted and detailed. Indeed a very nice piece that I bought from Absolute Comic. Hopefully, there will be a second version figure to be released in the future. Really want to have it..

Dragon Models - "Stray Dog" Kerberos Panzer Cops

This piece should be the International Version from Dragon Models.

Dragon Models - "The New Option" Special Edition

The New Option was starred by Michael Wong a few years ago.

Dragon Models - Royal Hong Kong Police (UML)

Emergency Unit - Lau Ching Wan, PTU - Simon Yam & Traffic Headquarters - Stephen Chow

Dragon Models - "Roy" the Ranger

Hot Toys - SDU Assaulter & Breacher

Dragon Models - Hit Team

I watched the movie "Hit Team". A cool action pack starred by Alex To and Daniel Wu.

Dragon Models - ASU and the movie figure "2000 AD"

For review of ASU officer "Eddy", please read here. For the figure related to "2000 AD" film, no review yet.

Female Figures

I bought this Barbie Doll in a shop at former Specialist Shopping Centre. The Barbie serie is "Dancing Fire"..I don't know the reason to buy the figure at that time, just feel like buying when passing by the shop. As for the other female figure released from Smile, I like the expression on her face. Something like asked me to buy her back..haha..