Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hot Toys "Ant-Man on Flying Ant" Miniature Collectible

Nothing much to comment as the overall sculpting and paint application of the figure are so so only.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hot Toys 1/6 "Kylo Ren" in TFA

This is Hot Toys standard packaging which has an insert with image of the character.

Remove the insert is a black plastic tray which holds the figure and accessories in place.

The sculpt of the mask with helmet is movie accurate and weathering is beautifully executed here.

As Kylo's outfit comprises different types of fabric, design and texture, I believe this is what made his black outfit more interesting.

The regular lightsaber hilt can be attached onto the slot of the leather belt.

Although the boots are made from soft rubber, they still restrict the movement of the ankles.

The light of the blades is bright and it works great in the darker room.

Due to the poor quality of the batteries, they only last for a few seconds. After that, the light turns dark (at least for mine).

I switched on the lightsaber whenever I posed the figure. But the light up effect was not obvious (pictures as shown above).

A close-up picture of Kylo Ren holding his crossguard lightsaber (left above).

Kylo's pants also restrict the articulation of his lower body.

Here to reveal the side and back of the helmet.

The figure is 13 inches tall and it looks awesome with its unique lightsaber.