Wednesday, January 15, 2020

WWE "Asuka" Mattel Elite Series 47 Pt.2

I don't really know Asuka in the first place. I purchased the action figure because I like her colourful attire.

Asuka is a Japanese professional wrestler. She wears her Noh mask when entering the ring.

The Noh mask is beautifully painted and it can be removed from the head easily.

Unfortunately, the head sculpt likeness to the character is not good. This may be due to the facial expression which makes it hard to capture.

For overall articulation, it is very limited. Not many poses you can get from this figure. The figure has loose joints too.

Asuka's hair looks better if there are more details sculpted onto it with right colour application.

Lastly, I am very happy to get Asuka action figure as there are not many Asian wrestlers signed to WWE. You may see the box art and design here.

Monday, January 13, 2020

WWE "Triple H & Stephanie McMahon" Mattel Battle Pack 42

My main reason to get this figure is the great face sculpt likeness to Stephanie McMahon.

Take a closer look at the eyes, eye brows and lips, they look realistic with pretty good paint work.

The microphone with WWE logo printed on the surface is the only accessory comes with Stephanie.

Due to Stephanie's hair style, her head could only rotate a little bit and she couldn't look down.

You could only get basic poses from the figure as the overall articulation is very limited.

As the joints are fairly tight, Stephanie could stand on its own feet. You may see its packaging here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S - SEGA History Collection Pt.2

SEGA Mega Drive 2 16-bit is the improved version of SEGA Mega Drive. Its body size is smaller than the first version. The design and look of the controllers are also different. SEGA released Mega Drive 2 consoles on 23 Apr 1993.

Although I have never played video games using either SEGA Mega-CD or SEGA Mega-CD 2, I believe the second model (above) offers a faster processor than the first model. The release date was 23 Apr 1993. You could also attach a Mega Drive or Mega Drive 2 to a SEGA Mega-CD 2 like so.

Overall, these 1/6 scale video game consoles and accessories are very well replicated. The fun part is you could even insert the cartridges into the workable slots of the consoles. The only thing I dislike is the short cables that come with the controllers.