Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hot Toys "War Machine" in Iron Man 2 Pt.1

Similar to the previous two releases for Iron Man 2 series - Whiplash and Black Widow, the packaging has a slip case showing the picture of the movie character at the front and the action figure at the back.

Remove the slip case, you will see a box with clear plastic window showing the armoured figure within. The list of production credit is printed on the back of the box.

For the accessories, you will have an alternate head with authentic likeness of Don Cheadle as Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes in the movie, three extra pairs of interchangeable palms with light up repulsors, a face plate, a small rocket known as "Ex-Wife", two forearm machine guns, a rotatable and multi-directional gatling gun, an ammo strip and a figure stand.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enterbay "Ip Man" Pt.1

The box packaging is simple with magnetic closures at the side. The front shows picture of Donnie Yen as Ip Man practicing his Wing Chun martial arts on the wooden dummy. At the back, the top part shows the movie scene where Ip Man was facing the ten Karate students. The bottom part has some text printed in English and Japanese as guidelines to maximize the life of the said product.

Open up the box, you will see three compartment containing a die-cut foam for the figure and two plastic trays for the accessories. The accessories given are three extra pairs of interchangeable hands, a white kung fu shirt, a wooden dummy, a feather duster and a metal made colour patterned floor tile.

Besides figure and accessories, there is a printed colour card showing the drawings of hundred and sixty five strokes of Wing Chun martial arts.

As you can see, the head sculpt is still okay with an 80% resemblance to the real actor. I will do my review on this figure as soon as possible...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hot Toys "Abigail Whistler" in Blade Trinity Pt.2

This is the female figure that possesses pretty good likeness of "Jessica Biel" as Abigail Whistler in the Blade Trinity movie. As usual, the paint job done on the facial sculpt is good. Her facial expression is quite movie accurate with soft skin texture, finely painted eyebrows, life-like eyes and lips. Hot Toys is always attentive to details, you can even see slight moles on her face.

The belt buckle looks nice as there are some details embossed on the surface. I personally think the black leather harness with buckles serves "no purpose" and it is only an add-on accessory to the lower outfit.

I did not remove the transparent plastic sheet underneath the arm protective gear as to avoid the rubber arm from getting dyed after a certain period of time. Although the folded bow has some working joints, they are just for "show off". The bow also fits perfectly to the bow stand.

Abigail has a long and curly multi-layered stereoscopic hair sculpture. Although her hair is made of rubber material, it looks pretty realistic with different brown color tone.

Abigail wears a patterned top with another red top inside. She also wears a pair of dark brown leather-like pants. Great stitching work done on the outfits and they fit perfectly to the figure.

The metallic handgun with working bullet chamber and hammer fits nicely in the fabric made holster.

As the neck, chest and upper abdomen of the figure is made of rubber material, the articulation of the body is restricted. For head posing, no issue to the articulation of the neck. Both arms can be raised sideways and move forward and backward. The elbows are bendable as well. The articulation of the legs is restricted due to the tight leather-like pants Abigail wears.

The boots are well sculpted with painted stitching. There is a little slot at the front underside of the right boot for you to insert the silver blade.

As some parts of the bow are very fragile, I did not pose Abigail to hold her bow with arrow. I only pose Abigail to hold her UV bow with removable UV beam that made of translucent blue plastic.

Abigail has a red with brown leather-like jacket and there is a working zip at each side of the sleeves. She also has three pair of interchangeable hands for you to swap.

The forearm gauntlet with ejected blade is also one of the weapons given with the figure. Besides the fabric made casing for holding arrows, the three black tubes are used to store the arrows too. Overall, Abigail is a great figure to be part of my collection. You may view the box packaging here.