Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hot Toys Endoskeleton T-600 Pt.1 (Concept Ver)

There are few version of Endoskeleton T-600 released by Hot Toys recently. Among all of them, the concept version is my favourite as I like the half weathered rubber mask. The concept T-600 looks bigger with tattered clothing and taller with boots. A beanie and some loose gun ammo are given as additional accessories. I love this piece and will upload more photos soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Final Destination

"While enjoying a day at the track, Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) has a horrific premonition in which he and his friends all die following a freak accident involving multiple racecars. Nick manages to convince his friends to leave mere seconds before his vision comes true. They may have cheated death at first, but as the survivors start to meet increasingly grisly ends, Nick must figure out a way to escape his fate before death strikes again (Synopsis extracted from Fandango)."

I thought the ending part of this instalment is different from the previous three as there is one teenage who has vision of what will happen in the future. Thinking that he can help others to escape from death but the outcome is still the same. Nobody escape from their own destiny and it's just a different way of dying. It is OK if you missed the movie and my overall rating for this one is 2.5/5.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enterbay prototype figures "Wind & Cloud" in Storm Warriors series

Ekin Cheng as "Whispering Wind"

Aaron Kwok as "Striding Cloud"

(Picture Source: behappyrc via ToyWorld Forum)

After viewing the pictures above, I felt very disappointed for Aaron Kwok's portrait sculpt. To me, only 60% likeness accuracy and yet a bit ugly. If Enterbay is not going to change the sculpt, I believe most of the collectors would not get this piece or even the entire series. As for Ekin Cheng's portrait sculpt, it's still OK. Anyway, hope the portrait sculpt for "Kenny Ho" as "Nameless" is as good as Simon Yam (Lord Godless) and Nicholas Tse (Heart).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Turning Point

"Before Laughing (MICHAEL TSE) becomes a police undercover, he works under triad leader Yi (ANTHONY WONG). Yi treats Laughing as his own brother, however to protect his territory and illegal businesses, Yi requested Laughing to join the police force and act as his undercover. But Laughing never got a chance to join the force because he is specially picked by Inspector Xian (YUEN BIAO) to be an undercover in the underworld syndicate. Hence Laughing becomes a “double-undercover” (Synopsis extracted from Moviexclusive.Com)."

"Laughing Gor" is definitely a popular character in the recent TVB series "Emergency Unit". To me, "Turning Point" is more like a TV-Movie. The plot is straight forward and it is obviously the prequel of how Laughing became a police officer and later joined the underworld syndicate as a police undercover. Nothing great from the plot and just talking about "undercover" kind of stuff. Besides Anthony Wong, Francis Ng and Eric Tsang, most of the supporting actors and actresses are from TVB. If you guys had watched the drama series EU, you may like it. Anyway, it's still entertaining and my overall movie rating is 2.5/5.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Proposal

"The Proposal focuses on an arranged marriage, this time between a demanding female boss (Bullock) faced with deportation who agrees to a sham engagement and marriage with her young stressed out and henpecked male assistant (Reynolds) to avoid being sent back to Canada (Plot extracted from Movies Yahoo Singapore)."

It is a romantic comedy and the plot is interesting. Good acting for both leads. I totally enjoyed and laughed from beginning till the end. It is very touching at the ending part. I highly recommend this movie and my overall rating is 3/5.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hasbro - Autobot Skids & Mudflap Pt.2 (ROTF)

Skids in Robot Mode...

Mudflap in Robot Mode...

Ice Cream Twin - Skids & Mudflap

When in robot mode, I prefer Mudflap than Skids as it looks pretty cool with wording printed panels as "armour" placed on its shoulders. Mudflap is obviously bigger and taller than Skids. The only similarity to the twin is the limited articulation of their arms and thus, they couldn't pose much. Overall, they are awesome and I highly recommend to get these figures for ROTF collection. To see its packaging, please click here.

Hasbro - Autobot Skids & Mudflap Pt.1 (ROTF)

In Carded Packaging...

In Ice Cream Truck Mode...

As I could not wait for the ice cream truck in Takara version, bought the Hasbro version yesterday. Hopefully, there is no colour differentiation between the two version. I love this cute little truck in pink and white combination with ice cream signs. I think the truck will look even better with weathering onto it. Anyway, you may view detailed transformation via Optibotimus Video here and my review in robot mode here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Enterbay - The Storm Warriors

(Picture source from Enterbay's Blog)

I think this is another awesome masterpiece series that asian collectors are interested. I look forward to see the final prototype of these figures.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Second visit to STGCC on 15 Aug 2009

When heading toward the event hall, saw a number of teenage cosplayers there...

Stormtroopers from 501st Legion Singapore Garrison...

Rorschach (left above) posed for photo taking. This year, Nintendo WII is the only gaming booth.

Are these real guitar players?? Only capsule machines were available at Bandai booth, nothing great!!

Uglydoll (left above) and Tokidoki booth...

Clone Commander Cody (left above) and other Star Wars characters...

Where is Jango Fett?? Took a photo for my buddy "Wayne" with Boba Fett :P

Channel 5 actor - Adrian Pang with his two loving sons...

Mandarin Channel Reporter - Miss Leong (left above) was there too. Wolverine, TDK Joker and other characters from Moviemania...

Saw Mario, Lucio and Bumblebee Promoter (she is sweet) when going out for tea break :P

I was there to look after David's booth (right above) which was set beside 501st Legion :)

As I did not go to STGCC opening night this year, you may view event coverage from other bloggers here - Leon from Open The Toy, Adrian from Little Plastic Man, Juliana's Toy Collecting Tips, KenMoo 2007, Dennis from Collect'em All, Alex from Toyhaven, Joshua from The Stormtrooper Effect and Sket from Wait. You may also view my Day 2 visit here and last year visit here.