Friday, January 26, 2018

Hot Toys 1/6 "Harley Quinn" Prisoner Ver. in Suicide Squad

Design of the box is the same as the first release...

Looking at the facial sculpt, the likeness of Margot Robbie is there. Color application and skin texture of the face is top notch.

Its hair is beautifully sculpted with application of different color tone.

This figure has tight joints and even ratchet joints at the shoulders.

The prison uniform has some weathering and does not restrict the movement of the figure.

The novel is made of solid plastic with images and contents printed on both sides.

For the sculpted mattress, it's definitely a nice add-on to the figure in different sitting poses.

A closer view at Harley Quinn from head to toe :)

The skin color of the face looks realistic and is identical to the rest of the body.

Besides hands with different gestures, the accessories are pair of fuzzy slippers, an undersized mobile phone, a coffee cup with saucer, a novel, a sculpted mattress, a display stand and a cardboard backdrop.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hot Toys 1/6 "Ellen Ripley" in Alien

Nothing special about the box package...

In my opinion, the facial sculpt doesn't resemble Sigourney Weaver very well. A bit disappointed...

The custom flamethrower is well replicated with right amount of weathering.

As both knee joints are pretty loose, it's better to use a stand when getting poses for photo shoot.

Although the watch has no details, it's still a nice add-on accessory to cover the wrist peg.

The costume fits very well to the figure and doesn't restrict the body movement at all.

The tracking device is beautifully sculpted with great paint job.

For the carrier, it looks realistic and you can open the lid to put the cat inside.

Above is Jonesy the cat and color of its fur is different from Hot Toys official prototype.

Obviously, the diorama stand is similar to the one from Big Chap Alien.