Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Transcript of Conversation with Howard Chan from Hot Toys Ltd has been approved!!

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Hey everyone!! I just received a SMS from David Teh that his transcript of conversation with Howard Chan from Hot Toys Ltd has been approved. He has posted the articles here and here. Please feel free to give comment or feedback in his blog. Enjoy reading :P

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot Toys - Wesley Snipes in "Blade II" Pt.2

This is the improved version of Wesley Snipes’s head sculpt in “Blade II” that produced by Hot Toys and the likeness of the face is pretty much accurate.

The silver buckles on the front of the combat vest are for show off only and again, they are very well replicated.

The combat boots are detailed made. The paint work on those silver stakes is simply convincing and they look like real metal even if they are made of soft rubber.

Hot Toys always delivers amazing paint work on the skin, eyes including eye brows, moustache and lips.

I love the details of the sword handle with silver and black coating, and its blade is nicely kept in the scabbard. The unique tattoos on the back of the head is beautifully executed and I believe this is what makes the head sculpt looks fantastic.

The texturing work on the facial skin is great and you could even see popping veins on both sides of the upper face.

The hair is also finely sculpted with right amount of colour paint application.

The long black leather coat with red inner lining is well tailored and there is a triangle shaped hole in the back of the coat for placement of the scabbard.

The Daywalker also carries his heavily modified machine gun "MAC-10" for vampire killing.

The Bloodbath Glaive has the ability to open and "fold" when not in use.

Surprisingly, the articulation of the figure is good even with the long leather coat on. So, you are still able to get the figure’s arms for holding great poses you want. You may also view its box packaging here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


"Confucius" tells about Confucius' transformation from an ordinary bookkeeper to a philosopher and a sage. It follows his long journey around small kingdoms in northern China preaching his beliefs, and his 72 disciples (Movie Plot: Yahoo! Movies Singapore)."

"Confucius" is a slow paced movie. The movie plot focused on the portrayal of Confucius's life journey who lived in the "Spring And Autumn Period". I have no doubt about the acting performance of Chow Yun Fat. He was really great in portraying this iconic man in the Chinese history. The way Confucius carried himself and the way he talked really showed he was a man of great wisdom. Confucius would not lose his composure whenever he faced difficulties. He was a great thinker too. The female lead "Nan Zi" was the only character I don't like. I personally think "Nan Zi" who played by Zhou Xun was very "extra" in the story. In fact, is Nan Zi a "created" character in the story or the "real" concubine of the Wei Kingdom in that period? Although it is a biographical film, we got a quick view of how China was like during the period. There were some emotional scenes in the ending. Surprisingly, I was not bored throughout the movie even if there were not much action scenes. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and my rating is 3/5.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Item collected today...

Just collected my Sideshow Sandtrooper with Orange Pauldron during lunch today. Will try to do a review on this figure next week :)

Sideshow - 501st Legion: Vader's Fist Clone Trooper

(Picture Source: Sideshow Collectibles via ToyWorld Forum)

Yes!! Yes!! Sideshow is going to release my favourite 501st Legion: Vader's Fist Clone
Troopers. As the price of Medicom 501st Legion Trooper is damn expensive, I have
been waiting Sideshow to produce this figure for a long time. Hopefully the figure would
be out in the market this year so that I can have it in my Star Wars collection.

Hot Toys - Wesley Snipes in "Blade II" Pt.1

Similar to Hot Toys Wolverine, the package is a common box with lid. A picture from the movie poster with some text and movie title were printed on the top lid. The back of the box shows a list of production credits with red graphic background.

Most accessories are stored in a smaller plastic tray attached to the underside of the box lid. Inside the box, you have a printed paper cover that shows a picture of the figure and a brief bio of the character.

Underneath the paper cover, you will see the fully dressed figure "Blade" with additional accessories stored in a black vacuum formed tray.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A conversation with the Founder and President of Hot Toys Ltd

(Photo Source: Invasion Toys and Collectibles)

Thanks to my favourite toy supplier "David Teh" for giving me the permission to post
the following articles extracted from his blog site.

"Hey everyone, stay tuned for a complete transcript of my recent conversation with
Mr Howard Chan the boss of Hot Toys Hong Kong!

Find out as we discussed about:

~ the recent hoo-ha on the actual sculpt of Battled Damaged Iron Man Mk 3
~ Commissioner Gordon ! Iron Monger ! hear the final word from Howard on these
in-demand figures! also... a certain heroine from Resident Evil series!
~ the future (or lack of) military figure line from Hot Toys!
~ thoughts on the Marvel license!
~ DX series - who is planned for DX04 ?? (ok we won't know...yet!)
~ collaboration with Sideshow Toys
~ his vision for the future of Hot Toys

Pending final approval from Hot Toys, I hope to have the transcript up in the next 24

to 48 hours so keep a look out at this blog site for the full frank and open discussion I
had with Howard."

So, stay tuned everyone..this is really exciting!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Playhouse "GSG-9" in Low Profile Version Pt.3

The facial colour is fairy soft and texturing of the skin is beautifully carried out especially around the chin, jaw line and moustache.

The hair is finely sculpted with right amount of colour tone applied. Only a slight paint work on the lips to differentiate the colour of the facial skin.

The large aviator sunglasses are very realistic and it fits nicely to the face of the figure.

The P226 pistol is another weapon that come with the figure.

The head sculpt is pretty well produced and its likeness represents "Kiefer Sutherland".

The only thing I don't like about the figure is his eyes are not focused straight. Luckily, these won't affect the overall expression of the face.

The other accessories given are mobile phone, PS1 paddle holster and extra set of skinned hands. Overall, this is a great figure with well produced accessories and outfit. I highly recommend to all 1/6 collectors. You may read my previous reviews here and here (also click here for Enterbay Jack Bauer).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playhouse "GSG-9" in Low Profile Version Pt.2

Besides balaclava, those snap buttons work when you want to fasten the jacket.

The bullet proof vest fits perfectly to the body but the belt buckle doesn't look good at all.

The stitching work on the backpack is simply amazing and this is my favourite accessory comes with the figure.

I would not add MP7 holster onto the right thigh of the figure as I prefer "MP7A1" to be attached to the storm single point sling that used to hang over the figure shoulder.

The boots have some weathering and the German submachine gun fits nicely to the gloved hands.

The jacket and jeans including the sweater are well tailored and the figure looks gorgeous with the outfit.

If I didn't stick the Germany flag patch on the jacket, the figure looks like a terrorist rather than a member of the German Special Forces :)

The personal defense weapon "MP7A1" is detailed made without weathering. It has an extendable stock and a folding front grip with mounted optical sight. It looks pretty cool afterall.

All joints are fairly tight enough for the figure to hold most poses you like.

In fact, I really can't get my eyes off this figure and thus, took a few more photos. Anyway, you may view the box packaging here and part 3 review here.