Monday, March 31, 2008

Airwolf in the 80's

I guess not so many people know this TV Drama Series during the 80's.

Initial D Collection

These are other Initial D stuff I bought over several years.

Dragon Models - Initial D the Movie

This is one of my favourite 12-inch figures from Dragon Models.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ironman - Movie Series

Bought these from Carrefour on 26 March, last Wednesday. Reasonable price!!

Movie Related Products

I just bought them recently. As for the Hellboy (preview exclusive), this is a very expensive piece. Bought this at Bugis Parco (shop at 3rd floor opp Kino). Actually, should buy it few years back. But, not very keen that time..Now the price killed me..

WWE - Other Series

Boogeyman (left side)..quite rare!!

Jakks Pacific - Rocky Entire Series

What a nice packaging for the Rocky Series!!

WWE - Limited Edition

These cost me a lot..But, no choice!! Like it very the much..Haha..

IKEA Shelve - Closer View

I just started to collect the WWE action figures since February this year. I am currently crazy about it. I like Transformers as well (2007 movie series only). As for 12-inch figures, these are always my favourite.

My Room

Hi..This is my room which I put partial toys collection in the Ikea display shelve. I believe most of you guys have at least 1 in your house. Due to limited space, I am not able to display all my collection out there. Haiz..Sad!! But I will have it in 2 or 3 years time (intend to buy a bigger flat..haha..) I collect 12-inch figures, movie related merchandise, transformers and anime action figures, etc. Movie posters and related DVD and VCD are also my favourite collection. Anyway, I just want to share some of my collection so far and of coarse to make friends with you guys..