Thursday, June 26, 2014

Takara Tomy Leader Class "Optimus Prime" AD01

I like the graphic design of the new packaging.

Optimus Prime looks great in semitruck mode. The colour application is good especially the parts with chrome finishing.

I guess the transparent yellow windows are to enhance the overall colour for the front part of the truck. The fuel tanks are not chromed completely as one part is painted in blue.

The rear light panel and chrome stacks look realistic. They are well sculpted.

You can even find Autobot symbol sculpted on the center of each wheel..Nice work!!

The mould of this vehicle is based on one of the truck models manufactured by Western Star.

I don't like to attach the Vector Shield at the rear of the truck as it looks weird to me. The Sword of Judgement is hidden underneath the truck (Please click here to see pictures of Optimus Prime in robot mode).

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hot Toys "Bruce Banner" in The Avengers

Not much comment about the figure as it's not a "must have" piece for The Avengers series. However, the head sculpt is good as Hot Toys has managed to capture the likeness of Mark Ruffalo. You may read my part 2 review here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sideshow "Darth Vader Deluxe" in ROTJ

The packaging is pretty big as it has two plastic trays to hold the figure and accessories.

Lift the box cover, you will see a paper card insert which shows the image of the figure. The top tray holds the Darth Vader figure whereas the second tray holds two light-up display stands with few pairs of gloved hands.

The paint job for the helmet and face plate is good. No defects so far.

Look at the old Anakin Skywalker portrait, the head sculpt has great skin texture with fine details.

The light-up features for the chest and belt control panels work perfectly.

The battery compartment is attached to the belt and it's well hidden on the back of the outfit. You may read my part 2 review here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My recent collection...

I collected the figures yesterday. They are Hot Toys "Bruce Banner", Sideshow "Darth Vader Deluxe", TakaraTomy leader class "Optimus Prime" and TakaraTomy deluxe class "Scorn", "Dinobot Slug" and "Crosshairs".