Thursday, May 15, 2008

Death Note - " L "

Finally found the character "L" at Chinatown Point this evening. I m sure this is a replica from some China company. Same to those pieces I bought at Marina Square last week. But who cares unless to those really the super fans of Death Note. For me, I like the price rather than the quality cos I m not a fan of DN..Haha..


Anonymous said...

how do u know it's a replica?

Anonymous said...

The price is around S$23 to S$25 and it's half of the price for original. The colour of the figure is not well painted. Besides the bad packaging (inside) and there are some small accessories not included. I saw the original version already and it's really different..

dreamer said...

hee.. i see.. got mine last year but not too sure if it's a replica..