Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Days

“The Days” is the first local film that I am keen to watch. To me, the show is a bit “slow” and it almost caused me to fall asleep. Luckily, there are some parts of the dialogue that made me laugh. The female actress with great potential is Adele Wong (San San). She is the one who helped Justin Chan (Zi Long) to go back to school. In my opinion, she is the best among all the youngsters (except Uncle Durian). I also like Derrick R (Dog) in the film. There is a scene that made me feel very “impressive” is when Derrick is smoking and sitting at a corner and having a chat with Justin Chan, he is super cool at that moment. Justin Chan has potential as well. Ivan Lim (Baby) really needs to improve his acting skill as there is not much expression on his face. I personally think that Anthony Levi Kho (Jeremy Tan) looks like Lam Chi Chung who is one of the actors in “Shaolin Soccer”. Anyway, my rating for this film is 2.5/5, good to watch! You may see detailed articles regarding the film in Kenmoo’s blog.