Sunday, January 24, 2010

First visit to Singapore Flyer on 1 Jan 2010

The Singapore Flyer 新加坡摩天观景轮 features 28 air-conditioned capsules and
a complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes.

There are some capsules reserved for corporate events and family celebrations.
From the photo above, this is one of the capsules reserved for couples' sky
dining packages.

Of coarse, we can see the main Formula One pit building and grandstands while
the wheel turns.

From the top view, we can see Singapore skyline and few iconic landmarks like
Singapore River, Raffles Place, Esplanade and Marina Bay Floating Stadium, etc.

I believe the views from the Singapore Flyer will be even better if the
"Integrated Resorts" were fully completed this year :P


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

look like fun.
love the dining capsule.

desmond said...

Yes Asrul, it's a breathtaking experience to have dinner with your loved one in the sky especially during evening time :)

Juliana said...

I went to ride the Flyer in 2008 when it was still turning outwards towards the sea. The view from up there is wonderful and photo taking opportunities are really great, especially on that clear day that I took the ride! It's highly recommended to ride it at least once! :D

desmond said...

Yes Juliana, you are right. The view from the wheel is very nice and I will be there again once the IR was completed in the future.

LEon said...

Glad you enjoyed the ride.

desmond said...

Ya Leon, quite an enjoyable ride especially this was my first visit :)

saruman said...

WOW! (that's all I could say... I'm breathless..)

desmond said...

Saruman, you can visit the Singapore Flyer if you come to Singapore next time. Very nice :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Took the capsule when Flyers was newly opened. I bet the view is better now with IR almost completed. The Popeye fried chicken there is very nice too!

desmond said...

Dennis, glad to hear you had been there too. You are right, the Popeye Fried Chicken is very tasty and I love it as well :P

Astro Galaxy said...

Great Post!
I've not taken a ride on this yet but really love too someday!

desmond said...

Bro, I think you may go there once the IR was completed. That will be very nice!!