Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hot Toys - Iron Man Mark III in Battle Damaged Version Pt.2

I like the colour paint on the figure this time round. The paint is more even when comparing the earlier Mark III figure.

After taking the figure out of the box, I attached the battle damaged chest plate onto him.

The figure looks cool with its light on features. Similar to the previous version, he has a small rocket launcher at his left forearm.

As Hot Toys has re-designed the AirBrake deployment system, the lower parts of the legs lift rather than open out to the sides to reveal the mechanism within.

Let's also see the newly produced air flaps at the back of the armoured figure.

Pictures taken on the back view and top view of the opened up Air Flaps. Great articulation there..

The fully deployed Air Flaps with built-in metal flaps hold fairly tight and they work pretty well. What a fantastic work done by Hot Toys again :)

This is the retractable countermeasure dispenser described by Hot Toys. To open it, you just rotate the circle section anti clockwise and it springs out. The six pegs around the section also pop up. You can push the pegs back in closed position when not in use.

As the metal-like paint work with scratches finishing is beautifully carried out, I had taken a lot of pictures when posing the figure.

I also had lots of fun to play around the figure with great poses for the whole day :P

The ejective shoulder mounted missile launchers are one of the special features come with this figure. To hide these weapons, you just slide the shoulder panels forward to push the missile launchers back in position. This feature is definitely a plus point to me. My part 1 review is here and part 3 review is here.


J A S O N L U said...

awesome figure man! xD

deSMOnd said...

Yes Jason, this one is way better than the first release :P

Kenny said...

Great shots bro. And yes, great figure by HT yet again.

deSMOnd said...

Thanks Kenny, really enjoyed the photo shooting of this figure :)