Sunday, August 22, 2010

Penang Trip - Day 2 on 7 Aug

David was the driver for our rented car. We had breakfast at the nearby coffee shop. I ordered a bowl of curry noodles aka curry mee with toppings of tofu puffs, cockles, prawns, cuttlefish and cubes of pig's blood jelly. It was worth trying :P

We then visited the famous Toy Museum in Penang. It is also the largest Toy Museum in the world. Can you believe that??

I guess the owner is not a fan of Transformers as I didn't see much Transformers figures there.

The owner is definitely a huge Star Wars fan as he has tons of Star Wars figures and vehicles (more pictures uploaded in Facebook here).

The owner also has 1:1 scale movie character statues. His collection is very impressive and we were there for almost 2 hours. When looking for lunch buffet, we saw Hard Rock Hotel. We headed towards the Rock Shop without hesitation. The shop has a large variety of Hard Rock mechandise.

All of us finally decided to have our lunch in "The Ship" as we were attracted to the outer look of the restaurant.

I personally think the interior design and decoration of the restaurant is very nice.

I tried the Malaysian Fried Rice. The rice set looks very good and it was delicious :)

After lunch, we walked to the beach as the location is just behind "The Ship" restaurant. When walking along the beach, these sexy babes caught our attention..Haha!!

We also drove to Penang Bridge accidentally as we missed the turn to Queensbay Mall, the largest shopping mall in town. Then reached the shopping mall after one and a half hours driving to and fro Perai (via Penang Bridge), the other side of Malaysia.

Unique Toys and Robot Master are the two main toy shops selling our favourite collectibles. Unfortunately, their pricing is too high for us.

Later, we had dinner in the Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant. I had my Korean spicy soup noodles with shredded pork and fried egg.

David then drove us to his die-die must go night market and food paradise "Red Garden".

David ate his favourite "Loh Bak" which is something similar to our "Ngor Hiang (Five Spices or 五香)" in Singapore and my supper was the barbeque chicken wings. These were all I had for the second day of my Penang trip. You may read my Day 1 trip here.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yummy food & toys viewing! What is there to ask for bro! Power lah!

J A S O N L U said...

waaaaaa~ des. an enjoyable trip! the toy museum is so huge man =.= the korean mee is niceee. didnt visit crefigz?

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, agree with your statement here..Really enjoyed my trip there :)

deSMOnd said...

Yes Jason, it's a very good experience to visit the Penang toy museum. We were there for 3 days only. So, can't visit every toy shops in Penang..

J A S O N L U said...

haha, next time gonna pay a visit to penang. nice review des!~

deSMOnd said...

Thanks Jason..this is the overall cover for my day 2 trip. I have one more to go..Stay tuned!!

Astro Galaxy said...

Thanks for sharing!
The toy museum looks great!

deSMOnd said...

Ya bro, you must go to visit the Toy Museum if you plan to go Penang one day :)