Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hot Toys "Lt. Jim Gordon" in TDK Pt.2

I have no doubt the head sculpt has great likeness of Gary Oldman as Lt. Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight (film). As usual, skin texture and paint application are top notch.

The figure is dressed in dark blue SWAT uniform.

The accessories are Motorola's two-way radio, plastic handcuffs, tactical boots, knee pads, helmet, googles and gas mask bag, etc.

There is a GCPD SWAT patch stitched on the left sleeve of the shirt.

The two-way radio fits very well in the pouch that attaches to the utility belt of the figure.

You can take off the SWAT flak vest by detaching the velcro on both sides.

Besides goggles, there are two pairs of glasses. One pair is the safety shooting glasses as shown above and the other pair is for casual wear.

Nothing special about the shotgun as it is commonly used in law enforcement units.

The pistol is securely placed in the drop leg holster on the right thigh.

My reason to get this figure is the head sculpted by Hot Toys. I would prefer Hot Toys to release Lt. Jim Gordon in smart casual rather than in SWAT suit version. You may click here to see the packaging.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's amazing how HT make all these miniatures so real. The emblem, flexcuff and talkie speaker

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, I believe this is a basic requirement for 1/6 scale industry. Otherwise, HT cannot charge that kind of pricing to collectors :)