Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Takara Tomy Deluxe Class "Scorn" AD05

Red is the main color scheme for Scorn. The silver Autobot symbol is printed on the left side of the figure.

Scorn has a lot of articulated joints. No restricted movement for its limbs.

The sail on its back and tail are made of soft plastic. The sword can be stored underside of the tail.

In Spinosaurus mode, you can move Scorn’s head up and down, rotate left and right with open or close jaws. You can pose its head for most of the position you wanted.

In robot mode, Scorn is an ancient knight which is similar to Dinobot Slug.

Just like leader class Optimus, Scorn's articulated waist is for transformation purpose.

Scorn’s tail in Spinosaurus mode transforms to left arm as Whip in robot mode. But Hasbro indicates that as Spear in robot mode.

The sword fits perfectly in the right hand of Scorn.

Overall, I am very pleased to get Scorn as it looks amazing in Spinosaurus mode and robot mode. I personally think Scorn is the best deluxe class figure in TF4: Age of Extinction series.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Hasbro/ Takara did it so right on this toy. Looks great as Spinosaurus and robot mode. Neat paint job there. Another great review on TF4 Dinobots and good use of background. In short, nice pics.

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, thank you for your compliment here :)