Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hot Toys 1/6 "First Order Stormtrooper" in TFA Pt.2

Even the lower jaw looks like duck bill, I still love the new look of the helmet.

The armour is well replicated and movie accurate. It has lots of sculpted details.

Due to the design of the armour and material used for the undersuit, they restrict the overall articulation.

Both blaster pistol and blaster rifle have magnetic parts. They can be easily attached to the right thigh which also has magnets embedded inside.

You can only bend its arms to a maximum angle of 90 degree. It was a horrible experience when I tried to pose the figure holding its blaster rifle. I was afraid that I might break the elbow joints.

The legs have limited range of movement and knee joints only allow for an angle of 45 degree bend.

The only part that has good articulation is head. It rotates and moves up and down.

Despite the poor articulation, the First Order Stormtrooper is still a must have figure to be displayed with Kylo Ren. You may see its packaging here.


LEon said...

The armor texture look good for hottoys

deSMOnd said...

Yes Leon, the armour is shining with glossy finish.