Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ThreeZero 1/6 "Rick Grimes" in The Walking Dead Pt.2

Although the likeness of the head sculpt needs improvement, the paint work on the beard, hair and eyebrows is great.

The wrinkles on the forehead and those around the eyes look natural. Skin texture and skin tone are equally realistic.

The machete is made of plastic and it fits nicely in the sheath which is attached to the left side of the belt.

You can find three pouches attach to the back of the belt. Two of them hold speedloaders.

What?!! The magazine is not removable from the AK machine gun. This is not acceptable. Even those small factories can produce that. Why can't ThreeZero do so?

I like Rick's cowboy boots as they are well sculpted and weathered.

Overall, Rick's outfit looks dirty. His jeans were beautifully faded and torn.

Took some pictures of Rick wielding his machete to kill walkers :)

Surprisingly, the pistol has a swing-out cylinder which reveals its fully loaded chambers.

Talking about Rick's favourite weapon, it's definitely Colt Python. He has been carried it since Season 1.

As the figure has pretty tight joints, you do not need to use any display stand for basic poses. Please click here if you want to see its packaging.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Can tell this is a pretty solid figure! Apart from the facial likenesses at bit off, other areas were nicely done. The figure and accessories looks realistic. Unfortunately, I kind of lost interested in 'Walking Dead' after Glenn's death and the plot kind of lost focus on zombie apocalypse to human fight over resources which had been repeat used in previous seasons.

deSMOnd said...

Bro, otherwise the TV series won't be able to continue for so many episodes. However, the plot follows comic.In addition, the plot of this season is far behind the story in the comic now :)

Realjudgejudy said...

I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on this. I've read that the color from his clothes can rub onto his face and body, have you had that problem? I'm not sure how I'd prevent it either way. Also I read his body color is miles off of the head and hands, is it pretty obvious in person? Sorry to pop in on a year old post :)

deSMOnd said...

Michael, mine does not have the issue yet but I believe when time goes by, the clothes will dye the surface of the neck and body. Even the body color doesn't match with the head and hands, it's okay for me because I never take his clothes off.