Monday, April 30, 2018

ThreeZero 1/6 "Michonne" in The Walking Dead

Standard box art and design by ThreeZero...

The head is well sculpted as it resembles Danai Gurira as Michonne in The Walking Dead perfectly. Its skin texture needs to be improved but paint work is great.

The color of the face matches very well with the rest of the body.

The outfit is tailored to fit the figure and quality of stitching is top notch. I like her belt as it looks realistic with "wear and tear" application.

Michonne's muddy boots look very real too. Her fabric headband is pretty screen accurate.

I think the overall lacking of color application to the figure is the hair.

Although both elbows have ratchet joints, they do not help in holding extreme poses for the arms. The arms bounce back when bending over 90 degrees.

The overall articulation of this figure is above average and it has no loose joints.

Her sword which is made of plastic fits perfectly in the scabbard. You can adjust the leather strap of the scabbard if you want.

All zippers on the outfit are working and they are made in 1/6 scale.

Besides those accessories mentioned earlier, the figure also comes with a poncho and a sling bag.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The skin surface is a bit gloss. The non joint elbow is a good idea and the articulation is good enough to hold the sword with both hands.

deSMOnd said...

Yes Dennis, the skin texture needs to be improved :)

LEon said...

The likeness is good! You must be a fan of the Walking dead to buy this figure bro!

deSMOnd said...

Yes Leon, I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead :)