Monday, January 20, 2020

When doing spring cleaning, I found these...

Mega Drive "Alien Soldier" - I even wrote down a list of password after completing each stage.

Genesis "Last Action Hero" - I remember I only played the game a few times as the content was not interesting.

Mega Drive "Bare Knuckle III" - I completed the game but was set in easy mode..Haha!!

Mega Drive "The Lion King" - I did not complete the game and I gave up in the end.

Genesis "Aladdin" - I played several times and also gave up in the end.

KO Version "Sonic and Knuckles" - Did not complete the game.

KO Version "Mickey Mania" - Did not complete the game.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Well preserved bro! You even have your personal code book. Those were the days we jot down code as game memories : )

deSMOnd said...

Bro, I only remember I created the password list when I found it inside the box. It brings me back to lots of my childhood memories :)