Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CTU Agent Bauer and President Palmer in "24"

Palmer: "Thank you for risking your life to save this country.."
Jack: "It has been my honour to work with you , Sir.."
Palmer: "Be careful, Jack!"
Jack: "Thank you, Mr President.."


Joshua said...

love the pictures as always desmond!

the sculpts are awesome too!

but i can't say the same for the body though....palmer should be taller shouldn't he??

Mizu said...

Ah, I saw these fellas at TFH when I went to pick up Hellboy. I'm not familiar with the show, but the headsculpts look spot on, and I'm impressed with their paint ops (the eyes are separate pieces?). The only drawback's probably their accessories. HT adds weathering to their guns and sich, Enterbay could easily do the same to match them.

Btw Desmond, I'll be emailing you about your trip. Don't have a lot to ask you to look out for, so hopefully it won't be too much trouble. :3

desmond said...

Yes Joshua, Palmer should be taller than Jack according to the screen. But i don't think Enterbay will develop a new body because of one figure "24 TV Series - Palmer" here :p

desmond said...

Yes Mizu, Enterbay could easily do the weathering effects on those accessories. It just depends whether EB want to do that. I will check my inbox later.

LEon said...

the Tie seems to be too big for the president. However the photography was great.

desmond said...

Thanks Leon! I have untied the knot and re-tie it. But still looks big. Initially, the knot looks bigger than this. The main problem is Enterbay made the tie too short. So, no matter how you tie it, it's still looks big..