Saturday, April 25, 2009


The story is about an ex-Government Agent, Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson) went to France to rescue his daughter after she was kidnapped by Albanian sex-traffickers while on her holiday trip. Although the plot is simple and predictable, the acting of Liam Neeson and his intelligence and fighting tactics riveted my attention. The moves were sharp and violent and it was so satisfying to see Neeson beat and killed those baddies. My overall rating for this non-stop action movie is 3.5/5 and a MUST watch movie!!


Juliana said...

I saw this movie and enjoyed watching it, especially Liam Neeson killing all those lowlife baddies. It was a bit like a computer game where you barge in and kill everyone on sight. It helps that the bad guys all deserved to die anyway! :P

Liam Neeson's character was very well trained, smart and extremely resourceful. He had a mission which he MUST succeed and death befell on anyone who stood in his way! :)

desmond said...

Yes Juliana, this is a very nice film I watched recently. It was very touching when the part where Neeson found his daughter. Looking forward to the release of the DVD for collection :P