Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot Toys - Wesley Snipes in "Blade II" Pt.1

Similar to Hot Toys Wolverine, the package is a common box with lid. A picture from the movie poster with some text and movie title were printed on the top lid. The back of the box shows a list of production credits with red graphic background.

Most accessories are stored in a smaller plastic tray attached to the underside of the box lid. Inside the box, you have a printed paper cover that shows a picture of the figure and a brief bio of the character.

Underneath the paper cover, you will see the fully dressed figure "Blade" with additional accessories stored in a black vacuum formed tray.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The head didn't look much like Wesley. Maybe the figurine will look better with the glasses on. The pic on the tattoo on the back of the head looks real. Wonder the actual toy is close to that.

desmond said...

Dennis, I would say the head likeness had been improved as compared to the first prototype and it's quite close to Snipes. The tattoo on the back should be good and realistic as Ken and Alex had taken pictures of that previously.

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

almost want to buy this figure,
but because of the budget, I have to cancel.

Love what they did with the costume and assesories.

desmond said...

Yes Asrul, the accessories and outfit are good. In addition, I am a huge fan of Blade. So, will definitely buy the figure :)

LEon said...

without the sunglasses, Wesley stares really give you a chill. LOL

desmond said...

Leon, because Blade is a vampire killer..Haha!!