Thursday, March 25, 2010

A conversation with the Founder and President of Hot Toys Ltd

(Photo Source: Invasion Toys and Collectibles)

Thanks to my favourite toy supplier "David Teh" for giving me the permission to post
the following articles extracted from his blog site.

"Hey everyone, stay tuned for a complete transcript of my recent conversation with
Mr Howard Chan the boss of Hot Toys Hong Kong!

Find out as we discussed about:

~ the recent hoo-ha on the actual sculpt of Battled Damaged Iron Man Mk 3
~ Commissioner Gordon ! Iron Monger ! hear the final word from Howard on these
in-demand figures! also... a certain heroine from Resident Evil series!
~ the future (or lack of) military figure line from Hot Toys!
~ thoughts on the Marvel license!
~ DX series - who is planned for DX04 ?? (ok we won't know...yet!)
~ collaboration with Sideshow Toys
~ his vision for the future of Hot Toys

Pending final approval from Hot Toys, I hope to have the transcript up in the next 24

to 48 hours so keep a look out at this blog site for the full frank and open discussion I
had with Howard."

So, stay tuned everyone..this is really exciting!!


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Congrats for you to have this opportunity to interact with big shot of 12" toy maker. You must be really excited. Another higher level to toy blogging bro!

desmond said...

Dennis, I didn't have the opportunity to talk to Howard Chan. It's my favourite toy supplier aka good friend of mine "David" who talked to him. I am just spreading these exclusive articles around :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Oh, I know this toy seller! He had just shifted his shop to a bigger one within CSC. Must be all the support from you guys. I must say he's pricing is quite reasonable.

desmond said...

Yes Dennis, that's why most of the time I buy toys from David. His pricing is very reasonable :)