Saturday, November 17, 2018

Latest update of my toy room...

I have cleaned some sections and rearranged some display of my 1/6 scale figures. Due to the expansion of my Transformers collection, I remove my commercial aircraft models and replace the top left section by Transformers movie series.

Star Wars top section: Will be adding the remaining Star Wars collection as they are currently in sealed boxes.

Star Wars bottom section: The display should be fixed for the time being.

DC section: Looking forward to my Hot Toys Justice League Batman to be showcased here.

Marvel section: Plan to unbox four characters from Marvel movie series.

Marvel Iron Man section: Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch will be moving out to other section.

Dragon HKPF section: Have rearranged the entire section and added some diorama accessories here.

Other movie related section: Will arrange the position of these figures again.

Limited room for toys is very common for toy collectors like myself. Due to daily family commitments and work schedules, it's very difficult to find "ME" time to play my toys. So, most of the toys are being stacked up. Even if I have spare time, I prefer to get some rest or spend time on the Internet. As of result, my toy room becomes STORE room. In this room, 80% of the items are mine and 20% belongs to my wife and sons. On the other hand, blogging has become my habit. No matter how busy or lazy I am, I try to upload a minimum of 4 posts in a month to keep my passion alive. My biggest dream is to post pictures and reviews of every single toy I have on this blog. I know it's impossible for my dream to come true but I will do my best. You may see the initial set up for my toys shelves here and here.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice update and overhaul! Also at the same time blogging. ‘ME’ will comeback when your kiddos become more independent. Hang in there! Guess I need to rearrange my stuff too. Lolz..

deSMOnd said...

Thanks bro, looking forward to see your update very soon :P