Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D

It’s not surprising to say this is a bloody violence and terror movie as the title has already told us. If you want to feel more thrills of terror, watch it in 3-D effects. The story is about a killer who dressed like a miner to kill people with his pickaxe during Valentine’s Day. The killing scenes are more or less the same as those scenes in "Halloween 2007" and Friday the 13th. There may be a sequel as the killer was only injured and successfully escaped from the mine in the end. My overall rating is 3/5 and I highly recommend this if you like "thriller" movie.


Joshua said...

looks violently strange...valentine's with firemen? lol!

Anonymous said...

Yes Joshua, it's a bloody and violent movie. He is not a fireman but a miner. He killed people with a pickaxe.