Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot Toys "Whiplash" in Iron Man 2 Pt.2

There is no doubt the head sculpt has a fairly good likeness of Mickey Rourke. Hot Toys also mentioned this is a newly developed head sculpt with real like facial expression and wrinkles. Great skin texture you can find on the figure. The scar on his face looks very real.

This is the hydraulic exoskeleton with brown-coloured leather-like harness described by Hot Toys. The articulation of the upper body and elbows is restricted due to the design and mechanism of the arc reactor powered suit. On the other hand, the head and shoulders turn very well.

The lips, eyebrows, moustache and beard are finely sculpted and painted as well. Besides realistic skin tone, Hot Toys delivers life-like eyes to their figures. I believe all these factors made the figure looks like a real person.

I love the multi-layered hair sculpture with grey highlight on his dark brown hair. The hairline is beautifully executed with every little detail on it.

Look at the gears and mechanism of the electricity generator, they are detailed made and pretty screen accurate. One word to describe here..Impressive!! When posing the figure or bending the arms, you need to be extremely careful due to the fragile parts of the powered suit.

Similar to other Iron Man figures, the arc reactor-powered suit has light-up feature. The light at the chest is bright but it is weak at the translucent tubes of the electricity generator. The battery compartment is hooked onto the back of his belt and is hidden by pieces of torn clothing.

The buckled boots are nice but they are not removable from the feet. As the paint work is fantastic, the patterned tattoos look so natural with its faded color application. I have to say Hot Toys really deserves its good reputation on the quality of their product.

To get the effect of electrified whips, you need to wrap the yellow translucent soft plastic around the whips. They look good once you get them in place.

The powered suit also works pretty well and it follows most of the upper body movement including arms and shoulders.

The burning effect on the brown jumpsuit is nicely produced and the torn clothing fits the figure very well. The articulation of the lower body is good but the ankle joints are loose. So, you may need to use the display stand for posing the figure.

Overall, I am happy with this figure because of the well made powered suit and realistic body tattoos. Furthermore, it is the first villain I got from Iron Man 2 series and a must buy figure for me. For box packaging, you may view here.


J A S O N L U said...

wow, thanks for the review des. a really well-made figure. congrats! one word to describe this figure... detail! i am waiting for the crimson dynamo suit~~~

deSMOnd said...

Thanks for your comment here, Jason :P

LEon said...

Lots of details. The face really look good.

deSMOnd said...

Yes Leon, the facial sculpt is good. I guess Hot Toys uses new technology to run its production.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

That's a detail review bro! I like the way the figure was made, it's just that I not fancy the character. I guess the difficult part of making the toy is the fine exoskeleton donned on Whiplash.

deSMOnd said...

Yes Dennis, agree with your statement here. Hot Toys did an amazing work on the mechanism of the exoskeleton. It's really awesome!!

Doon said...

Nice review and detailed pictures. I have to say I might just get the body and head on ebay. Maybe do up a bash perhaps. I love the sculpting and paint job.

deSMOnd said...

Yes Doon, the paint work and sculpting on head and exoskeleton are amazing pieces of work..A nice figure to include in our collection :P