Monday, April 11, 2011

Chaoer "Slam Dunk" figure set

Before "Initial D", "Slam Dunk" was my favourite Japanese comic series. Therefore, I bought
this cute figure set last week.

The packaging is simple with a plastic window in front that shows the five members of

The back of the packaging shows images of all the figures in the set.

Top row are Rukawa Kaede, Sakuragi Hanamichi and Ryota Miyagi (my favourite character).
The bottom are Mitsui Hisashi and Takenori Akagi. They look nice when displaying them side
by side :P


Little Plastic Man said...


LEon said...

Oh my! So cute! How much you get them for?

deSMOnd said...

Thanks Adrian!!

deSMOnd said...

I got them around S$45 from Comic Connections :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I love watching Slamdunk and it's really inspiring cos I love the sport too! Must be shiok to have collectibles of anime and manga we like a lot. The figures are very cute!!!

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, glad to hear you like Slamdunk too :P

Anonymous said...

where did you buy this ? i like to have one too . ;)

deSMOnd said...

Hi, you can buy it at "Comic Connection" located at Tiong Bahru, Plaza Singapura, etc..