Thursday, March 21, 2013

BBK "Zhu Bajie 猪八戒" in Journey to the West

The box packaging is simple. The front cover shows an image of the monk pig with some graphic background.

Lift the box cover is a die-cut foam that holds the figure and accessories in place.

The head sculpt is good but not much skin texture. The colour application on the body is bad as the head, hands and torso have different skin colour.

The torso of this figure is not made of solid rubber. You can feel inside the torso is hollow when pressing it.

The clothing is perfectly tailored to the monk pig and it does not restrict his articulation.

The gunny shoes are well made to 1/6 scale and they look very realistic.

I do not like the bendy hands as sometimes they cannot hold the accessories properly. I prefer those sculpted hands for more poses.

Lift Bajie's head up to hold the flying position..Haha!!

Here is a picture of Bajie not wearing his hat :)
The nine-toothed rake (九齿钉耙) is Bajie's primary weapon and it's made of metal. It has lots of fine details. If you are a big fan of Chinese TV drama series "Journey to the West", this is a must have figure for your collection (another character related to the drama I collected is Sun Wukong, the Monkey King).


Jako Metz said...

This is figure looks alright! though I am sorry but I dont know who this guy is.
And you are right the clothes seem very fine.

I love the HS too, maybe you are right and it looks too "plastic", but it is very good.

deSMOnd said...

Jako, Zhu Bajie (monk pig) is one of the important characters in the famous Chinese novel called Journey to the West. I bought this figure as it's very rare in the 1/6 scale market. I am a big fan of this novel and I also scored another character called Monkey King :)

Jcee said...

This is really cool! I was interested in this figure along with the other cast. The sculpt is really amazing!

deSMOnd said...

Jcee, glad to hear you like the character too. Though the figure is not perfect, overall is still acceptable with reasonable price..

Combo said...

Finally, you've unleashed the shoalin pig! That's really awesome, man. I like how his kimono looked, and the detail on his weapon is pretty nice.

deSMOnd said...

Yes bro, the details of the rake are finely sculpted. The clothing is not Japanese kimono. It's belonged to ancient China Ming Dynasty :p