Friday, December 20, 2019

Hasbro "Sith Trooper" The Black Series Pt.2

This is a 6 inch action figure which has many details on the helmet and body armor.

You can attach the blaster to the right side of its upper thigh like so.

The figure looks very "plastic" as no weathering is done on the surface of the armor.

I love the color scheme of the Sith Trooper as red and black are my all time favorite colors.

For upper body articulation, it has butterfly joints at both shoulders, a mid torso joint and single jointed elbows.

The figure also has double jointed knees which allows for their maximum range of motion.

As for the head articulation, it can only rotate but cannot look up or down.

Comparing the short blaster, I prefer the design and look of the long blaster.

As the figure has tight joints, it can stand on its own feet and hold a lot of great basic poses.

All weapons fit in the hands of the Sith Trooper figure.

Overall, I am very pleased to own two Sith Trooper figures so that I can display them with Kylo Ren figure. You may see its box package here.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Just change the colour and Hasbro has an variant to sell ^_^ As collectors, we are just suckers and be delighted to get more lolz.

deSMOnd said...

Bro, although the Sith Trooper has not much difference than the First Order Storm Trooper, they added lots of details on the body armor and the Sith Trooper looks very slim. I like the design and look of their blasters.