Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Half day trip to Melaka on 15 Nov - Part 1

Restaurant: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
Address: No.28-30, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Off Jonker Street, 75200 Melaka, West Malaysia.

I was attracted by its interior colour and decoration..
Quite crowded during lunch time..

See the pictures on the promotion board..local and overseas artists came here before..

This was the first time I ate the chicken rice balls in Melaka..
My favourite coconut juice :p

The "Wanton Soup" is delicious!!


Little Plastic Man said...

Wow...I crave for good chicken rice balls! Bro, do you know where can I get in Singapore...drool...drool.
Now I know not only your M.A.S.K and Centurions toys can make me drool..;)

Anonymous said...

You can also collect all those vintage toys, no big deal bro! Gonna check with my friend and she might know the place. I let u know again.

Little Plastic Man said...


Anonymous said...

Adrian, if you want to eat chicken rice balls here, you can go to hotel ParkRoyal for lunch buffet. But the size of the rice ball is like the fish ball you eat in Kopitiam. VERY SMALL!!

Joshua said...

wah the food looks yummy man....

Anonymous said...

Yah, the wanton soup is nice!!