Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Half day trip to Melaka on 15 Nov - Part 2

After having lunch, my cousins brought me to the Christ Church (Red House) which was built in 1753. On the way, we saw another branch of Famosa Chicken Rice Ball..

Followed by this one..Looks popular huh :P
~~~ Melaka River ~~~

See the windmill, nice?? Haha!!

Didn't try the "Cendol" there as we were very full..What a waste!!
Nice little fountain..

Where is this bus headed??

Pakcik is waiting for you guys. RM$10.00 per ride!!
Ini "lagi cantik"..(It means this is more beautiful)

Lots of Mr Bean teddy bears there..
The Clock Tower..

A photo taken of my teddy bear at the bottom of the Clock Tower :)


Anonymous said...

the Cendul is local famous shop , n the chicken shop also same , but the corner chicken shop better too.

Anonymous said...

I tried the Famosa chicken rice balls, not very nice as the chicken and its rice is tasteless. The wanton soup is fine to me.

Anonymous said...

Famosa Chicken rice shop , is for Tourist ppl . .no so good de .

Anonymous said...

Ya lor! this was the first time and also the last time I guess..Haha!!