Friday, August 28, 2009

The Final Destination

"While enjoying a day at the track, Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) has a horrific premonition in which he and his friends all die following a freak accident involving multiple racecars. Nick manages to convince his friends to leave mere seconds before his vision comes true. They may have cheated death at first, but as the survivors start to meet increasingly grisly ends, Nick must figure out a way to escape his fate before death strikes again (Synopsis extracted from Fandango)."

I thought the ending part of this instalment is different from the previous three as there is one teenage who has vision of what will happen in the future. Thinking that he can help others to escape from death but the outcome is still the same. Nobody escape from their own destiny and it's just a different way of dying. It is OK if you missed the movie and my overall rating for this one is 2.5/5.


sket said...

my fave will be parts 1 and 2. but this one has super gory scenes. watched the 3D version, the glass sorta keep slipping down.

desmond said...

Yes Sket, I prefer 1st instalment. I watched 3D for "my bloody valentine" at Cathay before. As I do not wear contact lens, it's not comfortable to wear 3D glasses on normal glasses. After that incident, I didn't watch 3D anymore..Haha!!