Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hasbro - Blazemaster Pt.2 (ROTF)

Blazemaster is another amazing figure in the ROTF series. It has no hands but a pair of chicken legs. In robot mode, the helicopter rotor becomes the figure's spinning combat blades. It is hard to pose the figure due to its pair of chicken legs. The transformation is quite complex for this deluxe figure. Anyway, I recommend to get Blazemaster as it really looks awesome. You may see Blazemaster in News Helicopter Mode here and its transformation via 84Ironhide Video here.


Juliana said...

BM's robot makes him look like having a pot belly, LOL! :D

The retailers will love you for promoting this guy. He's a peg warmer everywhere now :P

You plan on getting ROTF Deluxe Dead End too?

desmond said...

Juliana, I don't intend to buy Deadend as it is the character in PSP game. Furthermore, I don't like the body colour. Seldom buy non-movie cast characters unless it's really awesome!!