Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot Toys - Wesley Snipes in "Blade II" Pt.2

This is the improved version of Wesley Snipes’s head sculpt in “Blade II” that produced by Hot Toys and the likeness of the face is pretty much accurate.

The silver buckles on the front of the combat vest are for show off only and again, they are very well replicated.

The combat boots are detailed made. The paint work on those silver stakes is simply convincing and they look like real metal even if they are made of soft rubber.

Hot Toys always delivers amazing paint work on the skin, eyes including eye brows, moustache and lips.

I love the details of the sword handle with silver and black coating, and its blade is nicely kept in the scabbard. The unique tattoos on the back of the head is beautifully executed and I believe this is what makes the head sculpt looks fantastic.

The texturing work on the facial skin is great and you could even see popping veins on both sides of the upper face.

The hair is also finely sculpted with right amount of colour paint application.

The long black leather coat with red inner lining is well tailored and there is a triangle shaped hole in the back of the coat for placement of the scabbard.

The Daywalker also carries his heavily modified machine gun "MAC-10" for vampire killing.

The Bloodbath Glaive has the ability to open and "fold" when not in use.

Surprisingly, the articulation of the figure is good even with the long leather coat on. So, you are still able to get the figure’s arms for holding great poses you want. You may also view its box packaging here.


LEon said...

worth it man this one.

desmond said...

Yes Leon, I like this figure very much and I am also a huge fan of Blade. I have all the vcd but thinking to get the DVD trilogy too :)

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

the price's worth the figure.
nicely done by HT.

cowboy75 said...

Nice dude..might consider 2 grab one !!

kenmoo said...

bro, your photography getting better manzz, nice, very nice

desmond said...

Asrul, this is really a good piece. You may consider to get one :)

desmond said...

Yes Cowboy75, this is worth for collection as there are a lot of accessories to go along :P