Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Max Payne

After the show, I still felt the story is not easy to understand even there are Mandarin substitles. May be I am too simple. Everything must be disclosed clearly. My rating for this show is 2/5.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to catch this show over the weekend but due to the timing issue, I caught 20th Century Boys instead :P

Anonymous said...

How is the show "20th Century Boys"?

Anonymous said...

"20th Century Boys" is around 2 & 1/2 hours long and it started out rather slow, with the future as the first scene.

Then the story gets told in hapzardly-arranged flashbacks and sub-flashbacks of the characters.

It only got more exciting towards the back when the heroes finally unite to fight the villain.

However, there is a cliffhanger and the story will be continued in its sequel coming out in Jan 09.

Overall, I still prefer Death Note cos I dislike storylines with too much flashbacks all over. I like storylines that go mostly in chronological order.

Should you watch "20th Century Boys"? I think it's still worth watching and its sequel looks quite exciting too :)

Note: You must stay till the end of the ending credits to watch the trailers for the sequel :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Juliana, thanks for your detailed review! Thanks again!!