Monday, March 23, 2009

Street Fighter - The Legend of Chun Li

The story is about Bison captured Chun Li's father in order to build his own empire cities in Bangkok. Years later, Chun Li went to find her father in Bangkok. Along the way, Chun Li met Gen and defeated Vega. Chun Li and Gen then worked with interpol agents to fight against Bison and Balrog. To me, I didn't really enjoy the movie as the fighting scenes were not exciting at all. Balrog was a henchman who only grabbed and threw his opponents here and there. At the ending part, I was surprise that Chun Li's master "Gen" was not even on par with Bison but Chun Li can easily defeated Bison. May be this is due to the movie title...(Movie Rating: 2/5)


LEon said...

Thanks for the review bro. Can save $$. LOL

Anonymous said...

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