Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Takara Tomy - Demolishor Pt.2 (ROTF)

Demolishor looks cool and amazing when in its robot mode especially the continuous tracks of the excavator can be transformed into two round spinning wheels which allow this Decepticon to move around to destroy all the obstacles. The bucket can be split and used as weapon too. I should say a very creative robot design from either the movie producers or toy company "Hasbro". Please click here to see detailed review and transformation via Samusngproductions Video and click here to see Demolishor in Excavator Mode.


Juliana said...

Demolisher's robot mode design is one of the most unusual ones in this ROFT toyline.

The ROTF toy designers became more 'creative' with robot modes. Quite a number of ROTF robots stand on wheels, or have 1 arm bigger than the other, e.g. Demolisher, Sideswipe, Sideways, Skids, Chromia & Arcee etc..

Luckily Bumblebee's robot mode stayed almost the same as in Movie 1 :P

desmond said...

Yes Juliana, I like the creative design of the ROTF transformers. More varieties as compared to the previous movie :p