Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Takara Tomy - Soundwave (ROTF)

In Robot Mode...

In Space Cruiser Mode, this is my favourite at all time :P

Nothing great for Soundwave in robot mode but it looks awesome in space cruiser mode. There is a missile which can be fired from behind the figure too. More detailed transformation can be viewed via Peaugh's video here.


Juliana said...

Cool, I love your photos, and Soundwave looks so outstanding in them! :)

There are many nice ROTF Deluxe figures this time round but my space and budget contraints allow me to pick only a handful to collect :P

desmond said...

Thanks Juliana, I just aimed the best angles I think for photo shooting. Agree with you, there are a lot the deluxe figures released this time round. So, have to collect them selectively :P