Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dragon Models 1/6 "Darren Tong" in China Strike Force 雷霆戰警

This is the standard box art and design by Dragon Models Limited (DML).

The figure resembles Aaron Kwok as Darren Tong in the 2000 Hong Kong film China Strike Force.

Although the head sculpt resembles only a little bit of Aaron Kwok, I still consider it's a good sculpt. Anyway, the figure was released in 2000. We can't compare it with the big brands in current market.

The magazine pouch is made of plastic which has some detail but combat boots are my favorite. I guess the materials used to make the boots are fabric, leather and plastic. In fact, the boots look realistic.

Darren's hair style looks cool but it lacks of color tones, detail and texture.

Besides magazine pouch, the figure comes with a tactical belt which holds a handheld light, a walkie talkie and a drop leg holster with handgun in place.

As the wrist joints have limited range of movement, there is not much holding gun poses you can make for the figure.

You also can't get a lot of great poses from the figure as it doesn't have an articulated waist joint.

Surprisingly, Dragon plastic stand is able to support the figure with basic kick :)

No matter what, I am happy that I still can get this figure after 18 years. I have displayed it with the rest of my Dragon figures on shelf.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Quite the rare find bro and Dragon is such a pioneer in 1/6 scale HK Police figures. The stand I mentioned is good to be adopted by other as it’s discreet and yet gives a solid balance.

deSMOnd said...

Yes Dennis, Dragon was the first to produce HK Police series and they were very successful at that time :)