Thursday, August 13, 2020

WWE "Triple H" Mattel Battle Pack 42 Pt.2

The skull mask looks aggressive. It is made of soft plastic and it fits the head very well.

Look at the skull mask, it has lots of details but lacks of colour. Otherwise, it is a very good accessory given to the figure.

Obviously, Triple H has no issue to turn his head when wearing his skull mask.

The head sculpt possesses great likeness and facial expression to Triple H. For colour applied to the hair, beard and moustache, it looks okay to me.

I like the muscular body used for this character and the skin colour looks natural too.

The figure can only holds basic poses as it has limited articulation. Triple H has tight joints and thus, he can stand on his own.

I will display the figure with Stephanie Mcmahon as they look good on shelf. Please click here if you want to see its packaging.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice body sculpt... Would look better if spray the helmet to more metallic paint.. Should include the body armor to the figure ...

deSMOnd said...

Yes Dennis, agree with you!!