Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hasbro - Human Alliance Mudflap Pt.1 (ROTF)

I was disappointed when I bought the Human Alliance Mudflap as all its lights are painted with colours. They don't look realistic at all.

Obviously, you will have no problem to put "Agent Simmons" in the car.

As the head lights of the car are painted in grey, there is no reason why the toy manufacturer did not paint the tail lights.

In Chevy Trax Concept Mode, the overall appearance of the car is similar to Deluxe Class Mudflap. The only difference is the scale of the car.

The little head sculpt is well produced as it represents great likeness of John Turturro.

The Autobot signs are also printed on both sides of the lower fairing kit. I love the body colour of the bike as Hasbro did a nice glossy finish work.

The robot head is placed in front of the "oil tank" which also became the chest piece of Chromia in robot mode.

As the bike is too big for Agent Simmons, you may not able to have him sitting on the seat all the time.


Juliana said...

My ROTF HA Chromia was a 'torture' for me to transform into bike mode. She has stayed in bike mode ever since! :P

Alex said...

Hello, I am a collector of Transformers and a huge fan of your blog.
We have no Human Aliance Toys here in Brazil, for the pictures they appear larger and more detailed than the Deluxe models, is that right?

deSMOnd said...

Yes Juliana, I faced the same problem here. It's really frustrated when transforming Chromia into bike mode. The complexity came from the body parts. I got no choice as I need to review it in robot mode. So, will suffer one more time :)

deSMOnd said...

Hey Alex, thanks for dropping by and all your supports here. Really appreciated. You are right, the scale in human alliance series is much bigger and the figures are very detailed made and definitely the transformation is complicated. The figures are very much movie accurate too :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The Autobot logo on the bike is so cool! Great toys that look so nice in vehicle mode. A lot of likeness to Agent Smith even though it's not a detail figure.

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, the figure is Agent Simmons..I like the details of the car except to the car lights. If Hasbro makes the lights more realistic like what they have done to Human Alliance Skids. That will be great :)