Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot Toys "T-800" in Terminator 2 Pt.3

When comparing the previous release "Dutch", this is the best head sculpt that resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1/6 figure lines. Besides well produced skin texture, the paint job on the lips is convincing. The glossy eyes with finely painted eyebrows are also parts of the reason that makes the head sculpt looks amazing.

Again, the spiky hair at the top of the head is accurately replicated from the character in the movie. The hair line is detailed shown and skin tone of the figure is beautifully carried out too.

You may even find some weathering on the surface of the boots, a nice touch there.

The pistol with removable magazine is another weapon comes with the figure and it seems a bit "small" for Schwarzenegger’s hands.

The best accessory given is the interchangeable left forearm featuring bloody and articulated endoskeleton.

It would be a little "tight" when removing the normal forearm from the figure. You have to hold the robot forearm near elbow joint when fitting it in place. Otherwise, the bloody pistons and fingers get broken easily. Similar to "T-800 Endoskeleton", the metal hand has articulated fingers that allow you to adjust the way you want it to be.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the figure and I highly recommend to pick it up if you are a huge fan of Terminator series. For previous reviews, you may read here and here.


J A S O N L U said...

man, this one is nice. very nice headsculpt, jacket and weapons. btw des, i updated my blog with ironhide, feel free to visit :P

deSMOnd said...

Yes Jason, this is a great figure to have :)