Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot Toys - Tony Stark in Mech Test Version Pt.2

This head sculpt is very much better than the one comes with Iron Man Mark III, and it represents good likeness of Robert Downey, Jr. Similar to other Iron Man figures, you can see the inner details of the miniature "arc reactor" embedded in the chest when the light is off.

As usual, Hot Toys delivers amazing paint work on the eyes, lips, eyebrows and beard. Besides realistic skin tone, the texturing work on the skin is great.

All the accessories like the cloth strap with buckle, leather belt, pouches and knee pads work pretty well.

Hot Toys did an amazing job on the complex details of the leg-mounted jets as they have been accurately replicated from the movie.

The rectangular battery box that connects wires to the arm-mounted stabilizers is nicely stored in the black pouch at the back.

The hair is finely sculpted with right amount of darker brown application. The loose strands that hang down at the front are nicely carried out too.

The leg-mounted jet has a workable half foot joint and the two pistons on the side can move forward and backward. They are pretty cool!!

As the arm-mounted stabilizers allow full 45 degree bend, the figure is able to hold some great poses seen in the movie as long as you are careful.

Besides LED lighted miniature "arc reactor" and hand palms, Hot Toys added light features in the base of the armoured boots. Certainly, all LED lights are nice and bright.

With all lights ON!! Tony Stark is standing in the air now. For box packaging, please see here.


kown said...

wowww...look awesome :D toys very suprise and paint work very good job.. nice picture ;)

deSMOnd said...

Kown, thanks for your compliments and this is really a nice figure to include in my collection :)

Astro Galaxy said...

Great review + photos of this model!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's definitely to more serious looking Robert Downey, Jr., don't you think.

deSMOnd said...

Thanks for your compliment, Astrogalaxy!

deSMOnd said...

Ya Dennis, the likeness is very close this time round :)